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Home Sweet Home

This photograph shows paintings by Jesse Van Horne on display at Hooked on Colfax, November 12, 2015

Nothing makes a place feel more like home than seeing your own art hanging there! What a great spot. I've been showing here for a couple years now, the owners are awesome people, the baristas are always great, and there's just a good vibe here. Happy to contribute some art to a cool spot!

Sending out good vibes through my art. That is definitely one way I like to spread the love.

And for anyone interested in discovering a little bit more about the art I make, I am inspired by nature, culture, energy, mythology, archetype, the image, color, orgainization, execution and everything in between. In my compositions I indirectly or sometimes directly address social issues through metaphor, fantasy, new myth, image juxtapozition, etc.

My basic principle in art is simple however. I make the things that I want to look at. And I use the colors that intuitively flow into and out of my psyche. That is at the root of what I do! Keep it real and keep it full of love.

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