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Non-Duality & the Skullflower Icon

Title: Skullflower Icon #1 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Media: Acrylic on Wood Year: 2015 18"x24"

The Skullflower Icon (logo) dates back to 2008 when I was a graduate student. As my personal philosophical understanding was deepening and widening, and always being a very visual person, I set out to create an image that would accurately represent the new direction I had discovered.

I began to see all things in a new way as I explored my own spirituality and considered what ways I was clinging to unecessary indoctrination from various sources. In this pursuit I began to recognize that I had always seen the world in a very black and white sort of way. In fact, the religion I was raised in encouraged and taught its adherents to understand the world in this way, so it was literally imbedded in my psyche from a very young age.

What I began to understand however, despite my upbringing, was that there were no clear lines between the worlds of darkness and light, instead there was a bleeding together of these and they were actually one in the same, simply different aspects of the same unified substance.

In creating the Skullflower Icon, I wanted to make an image that represented death and life, and the unity of the two. I wanted this image to visually depict non-duality, and the unity of all things. So, after much tinkering and long hours working and reworking various images...the Skullflower Icon was born.

It is more to me than a logo for my design company. It represents my personal, overall philosophy and approach to and understanding of life and my place in the world. I believe that embracing the non-duality of all things is the first step toward ending frivolous human distractions like war, conflict, murder, violence, and ill intent toward others in general.

I approach my design/art work from this place of inclusion, of a broader understanding of the inter-relationship of all things, all people, and all perceived forces.

One love.

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