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Spruce Almighty

Title: Spruce Almighty Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2015 Media: Ink on Sketchbook Paper 8"x11"

I love drawing trees, but usually focus more on the trunks of deciduous trees. I was spending some time in the mountains last week and was inspired by this stately Spruce. I threw down a quick, gestural sketch, and proceeded to fill in the emergent cells with energetic differentialtions and orientations, derivitives of one of my most signature styles.

I'll be drawing more of these for sure. My sketchbook has taken me in so many new, experimental, and previously unthought of directions, it has become my most valuable tool for inspiration and new direction.

One "rule" I try to adhere to in my art is this: always play, always give yourself the space to make new things. the sketchbook is not a place for judgement. the sketchbook is a place for exploration, play, interest, meandering down the road of curiousity, discovery, mythology and mystery! This is the magic of the sketchbook. Any other use is a distortion of the pure truth of the sketchbook.

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