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The Cluster...

Title: The Cluster Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2015 Media: Ink on Sketchbook paper, digital tweaks 10"x12"

This image symbolizes so much for me. First it is a visual representation of the crystalization process, emulating the coming together and forming of cyrstaline structures. Like Bizmuth, if you haven't seen Bizmuth crystals...google it now! From another world.

But this creation is deeper for me that the visible representation of the crystalization process. It is a visual representation of life and all of it's complexity. Sometimes I feel like life is this random, chaotic cluster, an accumulation of every choice I have ever made, and the result is so insanely interwoven and complex that it requires of me more than I can give to maintain it all and keep it going.

But here is the great mystery revealed once again. I have everything I need to propel this complex cluster that is my life, I have all the tools, and every skill necessary to thrive! If only I have eyes to perceive it, and recognize that truth.

I have spent many years not realizing that truth, being willfully blind to it, in denial, feeling like a victim, making excuses for myself for being less than stellar in my performance.

Each of us needs to continuously examine the cluster of our own lives, our motives, and any dark corners where we still hold onto beliefs that don't serve us, beliefs that keep us trapped, spinning in the vortex. When we hold onto beliefs that keep us trapped we feel justified to act in victimy ways, crying, moaning, seeking sympathy rather than a way out.

Consider what ways your life is a cluster? Where are your dark corners? What do you refuse to let go of? What do you refuse to acknowledge?

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