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Under the Ash...

Photograph taken by passerby, Oct 15 2015. Jesse Van Horne playing original tunes amidst his installation "Musical Fruit" at Cheesman Park in Denver, CO.

What can I say? It was a beautiful day. Art takes many forms, not all of them visible to the eye, some art is visible only to the ear, and some art, is visible to both simultaneously!

This is the third time I have installed this work at Cheesman Park but the first time I have played a live show during the flash installation. Today it was up for about 1.5 hours, then... gone! Always a good time. Perfect weather, perfect vibes.

Just hours before this my muse gave me these lines:

Those Things Which Seem So Dim

Those things which seem so dim to me,

are only proof that eyes don't see,

those things that seem before my face

it seems I'm eager to embrace.

All hope then lost and I am too

the clouds so thick, this feeling blue

because before me all I see

is lack of possibility.

But when mine eyes I seek to close

the lock unlocks, abundance flows

into my life, into my day

begins the shift, clouds drift away

and there again I see my hope

not out beyond but in my boat

and though these waves still roll and rock

i neither long for shore nor dock

Adventurer upon high seas

a trickster armed with wit and ease

I cast my cares into the breeze

content to live the life I please!

Be what you want to be in the world, and you will find your audience. Most of all, be true to thyself!

Rock on my good people of planet Earth.

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