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Of the Earth & Sky...

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne, 2015

It took me awhile. I knew I was obsessed with vertical linework in my art, but I never really understood the intuitive bent on a deeper level, until recently. I realized that some of my favorite places in the world, forests, were idealogically expressive in their vertical orientation, and that a value for this kind of scenery must have been embedded in my psyche from an early age.

I see forests and trees more specifically, as channels and/or connectors between the heavens and the Earth. They are firmly planted in Terra Firma, but they spring skyward like gravity doesn't exist!

I have always admired trees, and I have always been moved by them, by their strong, silent presence, by their resilience, and yes, by their connective properties. Now I understand my love of trees on an even deeper level...

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