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Shine Your Light, Sing Your Song

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne

Music makes the world go round. Songs are the things that are inside of us, the things that touch on the mysterious, the things that crystalize the foggy soup of experience. But a song is not only something to hear, a song can be a painting, a piece of writing, a movie, any mode of communicating a feeling, any form of creation that we endeavor to bring about.

Sing your song. Make your music. Shine your light. Do your dance. Whatever it is that you are keeping inside, whether out of fear or shame, let it out. The world needs you to. As artists, our main concern is to shine our light. We should not be concerned with being too bright, or making someone uncomfortable. No, we should only be concerned with shining our light, whatever that light may be.

The easy thing to do is to not shine it, to keep it inside. This is safe. This is certain. But this is not living life to the fullest, and this is not believing in ourselves, this is not engaging with the mystery of it all. This light came to us from a divine source. It asks only that we in turn, acknowldedge it by shining it back out into the world so that others may be nourished. So that the very Earth may be nourished.

If we block that natural flow of our creative intelligence and gifts, we effectively hide our light from the world, and so from ourselves. Don't do that! And if you are doing that, endeavor to do it no longer! When will now be a good time for you to shine?

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