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Sure to Sprout

From the sketchbook, 2014 by Jesse Van Horne

This journey of artistic discovery and career building can seem a long one. The planting of so many seeds, in so many different types of soil. So much hope. So much prayer. So much anticipation. It's like standing at the edge of a lake where you know fish lurk, and you have like 50 lines out in the water...waiting...waiting for a bite, to reel something in, sustain yourself for another day!

It can be daunting, and most times it is. Any endeavor that springs from our true selves, our true nature is a risk. To acknowledge ourselves as artists and take steps to live that truth is a great risk. We risk everything to bring it to life. It is a scarry place to tread.

But when we dare to walk daily in this realm, we dare to tread in the mysterious, the possible, the coincidental, and the divinely appointed. Something happens when, despite the wagging fingers of our loved ones, we decide to disembark from a life of certainty and comfort, and delve into the realm of true self discovery and true adventure.

We are conditioned to see all of this as irresponsible. There are responsible ways to act, and there are irresponsible ways to act. To untether one's self from the 9-5 world is seen as greatly irresponsible by most. There are very few around us to encourage our courage when we make the decision to live our truth and take the plunge.

The world needs, desperately needs more of us to do this however. And this country, the USA needs us to be bold and to deny that the normal, 9-5 working path is the only way forward. We are a culture of excess and expansion, our imperialistic tendencies are still going strong. That should disturb us if we are paying attention.

Be bold. Be Beautiful. Be courageous. Be who you are. No matter what that means, and no matter who does or does not support you. You are the only one that knows whether or not you are living your truth. Do you believe that life is short? What then, are you doing wasting any time? Plant your seeds in good soil, and trust that they will sprout.

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