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The Vortex All Around Us

Grass Study/Behavior of Light/Grass Refractor/Vertical Strands - by Jesse Van Horne 2015

I think the reason I am obsessed with the vertical gesture in painting is that it serves as metaphorical acknowledgement of the unity of the "heavens" and the Earth. This was just a clump of grass by a creek in the sun. The way the blades channel the light blows my mind. I see the vortex series in these kinds of things. I also see the vortex series in a stand of trees in a forest (Western Lodge Pole forests). In a hard rain storm too. Trees and many plants grow this way, almost as if they intend to knit Heaven and Earth together, as if the two needed any more knitting together than they already possess by their own natures! We are part of everything, and everything is a part of us.

I think art is one of the best ways for us to see that and communicate that. Explore. Study. Refine. Invent. React. Compose. Explode. Inspect. Have Fun. Love everyone and everything.


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