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From Another Angle

This is a photograph of someone taking a photograph of some of my recent works at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. August, 2015

It's fun to see your art from another angle. It's good to get it out there, hang it in different places, see how people react to it, talk with other artists and network. That's what art is for in the end, to show to other people. If we don't do this we don't complete the cycle. We go 96% of the way...and then stop. Don't do that!

And then we might as well go a bit further and take this into the realm of philosophy, and extract a good life lesson! Don't get stagnant in your life, or rather, when you become stagnant make it a point to stir things up a little and add something new. Change your routine just to change it. All else is stagnation and the refusal to be open. Live your truth my good people!

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