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The Fuzz...

In West Denver, August 2015, photo by Jesse Van Horne

Just the fact that this amazing thing exists is all the reminder that I need of the immensity and mystery of it all. And knowing the immensity of the mystery...how can I pretend it is not incredibly intruiging to ponder and search for "the meaning" in this grand charade. It's tempting for us all.

But it is exactly at this philosophical impasse that the snount touches the tail as we chase ourselves around the tree of human experience and sensation. Essentially, the meaning we are searching for is a myth. We choose to believe whatever story we want to write. And the life we are leading is the one we have drawn up for ourselves.

When I spotted this dude he was cruising through the grass, navigating the individual spears with agility and precision. He eventually made his way all the way up a Silver Maple in my backyard. I'm talking a 30' Silver Maple by the way. Wow. If I had 1/10th of that determination the things I could achieve!

I guess what I'm trying to say is to not let your life fly by without making it a point to really feel out your experience, and to consider your time here, and what it's for. What are you doing? Are you living your truth as only you can or do you conform to the molds in the world around you for stability and comfort?

These questions are worth asking, periodically, for us all. For in fact we are our own most resilient impediment to awakening.

Journey on my good people, and take the time in your life to be mystified.

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