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A Community Effort...

Initial Hummingbird design created by artist Jesse Van Horne. Fill-in executed by community members of all ages at Muralfest 2015 put on by 40West in Lakewood, CO.

As a social experiement of spontaneous, combustive, artistic and organizational possibilities, I would say that my part in the 40W arts festival dubbed "Muralfest" was a grand success on many levels.

I went into it with a plan, and the plan was to be open to and accepting of all possible outcomes. I created the framework for the image, and I selected the colors, but what happened beyond that was enjoyably beyond me.

I was actively engaged in getting people going with the fill-in help, yet I also tried to maintain a distance when it came to telling them how or what to paint. Many did not wish to participate, but many others jumped at the chance! Some even let me know that they hadn't painted in a long time and "it felt great" to hold a brush again and lay down some color. For comments like that it was all worth it.

I also really enjoyed watching the kids paint, they just have a total freedom, lack of inhibition (most of them who are young enough to not have developed that just yet), and just a pure love of coloring on things. Yes, it will require some extra work on my part to "clean up" some areas before these panels are ready to install at the Lakewood Cultural center, but again, it was well worth it.

Over the next few days I'll be putting the finishing touches on these panels...so stay tuned to see how they turn out!

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