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"Musical Fruit" Installation in Denver, CO by artist Jesse Van Horne

These guerilla installations are my favorite. This is me, embracing my roots, embracing my gifts and my calling, this is me not waiting to be picked by the next "selection committee". Sometimes you just have to go out and do the thing that you have been waiting to be picked to do.

Who said it? Rules were meant to be broken...

It was fun to talk to people and get their reactions, most of them wanted to know "What's this for? Did you do this? Cool! I love it! Wow, mesmerizing!"

I thought it was interesting that everyone I talked to wanted some sort of an explanation for the spectacle that they had stumbled upon during their morning routines. And almost everyone wanted me to "leave it up"!

My favorite encounter, when I was sitting a fair distance away observing, was a hipster kid on a B-cycle (Denver peeps will know these). He saw the installation from hundreds of yards away. He stopped about 150 feet from the installation, took a thoughtful drag from his cigarette, and then b-lined straight for the tree. He parked his bike and walked around, weaving between the records for a few minutes, looked at a few of the labels, circled the tree a few times, then took off!

That was fun to see. He didn't realize the artist was sitting on the perimeter, watching him! He became part of the installation for that moment. An activator perhaps?

I spend my time creating art. And now I am bringing it full circle. I am bringing it back to you, to offer up, to enrich your life, add some inspiration and joy, a smile, or just to give you an excuse to surf youtube while pretending to get some work done...whatever has brought you here I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share my love with you!

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