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A Subtle Transformation...

FOC Batch 3.jpg

Close up of one of the tiles from batch 3 (#40 - #55) of the Flowering of Consciousness series by Jesse Van Horne, 2015. Each tile is hand painted acrylic on wood. Approximate dimensions of each tile 4"x4".

I don't know how long I'll run this series, but I do know that as of now I feel really good about it and I see no signs of it slowing down. It is a small way that I can turn people's attention toward something that should concern each of us, the flowering of our own consciousness.

To awaken and develop the ability to "watch the thinker" is one of the best things we can do not only for ourselves, but for the people and the world around us. When we stop living our lives from a place of emotional reactivity and egoic delusion and fear, we enter into life as it can be lived on a higher plane. It is on this "higher" plane that things like an end to all war forever are possible.

But, human awakening, personal awakening, like the bloom of a flower, cannot be forced. It will come forth in its own time as humanity is ready.

I want these tiles to serve as little reminders of the awakened state, or the process of awakening. One of the most important aspects of the idea of awakening, is that we have to remain aware of the necessity to constantly pursue it in our daily lives. It is a discipline, it requires focus and intent.

Be good to eachother, awaken, and support local art my good people!

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