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Musical Fruit...


Photograph by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios @ Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado, June 29, 2015.

This morning I did an installation at Cheesman Park. No I didn't win any contests, just decided it was time to get this one out again. It was received so well the first time I installed it about 4 years ago, different tree but same park.

Today's installation was received really well too...many people coming up to see "what it was all about". Almost everyone wanted to know what the idea or philosphy behind the piece was...but I rarely offer up any explanation when asked this question. I think it is much more interesting to leave it a mystery to the viewer, it's fun to see the wheels of their minds whirling! Besides, often times people's impressions, or what they extract on a philosophical level is much more interesting than whatever I was thinking.

Sometimes secrets are meant to be kept. Sometimes revealing your motivation, philosophical underpinning, or reason for doing something sucks all of the wonder and mystery right out of it. So go ahead...keep a few secrets, but share your creations with the world, whether songs, sculptures, paintings, poems or whatever else makes you tick, and encourage others to share what they see.

Be fruitful and multiply my good humans! <3

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