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If Only For An Instant...

June 28, 2015

 Photograph by Jesse Van Horne I Skullflower Design Studios I 2015


I keep my eye out constantly for things like this. Brief moments of visible or otherwise perceptible overlap. Where "one" thing affects "another" so to speak. It's a moment of interaction between forces, a moment of enhanced differentiation through momentary union of forces or perceived objects.


It is on another level, an overlap of social constructs. The "natural" colliding with the designed. The plant juxtaposed against the blinds. But a thrid element makes it interesting, or at least turns up the juice a few notches...the sun. Radiation. The evidence of some burning, thriving life beyond us.


"Things like this can be design catalysts, idea launchers" says an eager Van Horne, "I am not out to reinvent the wheel with my art, I am out to emphasize the already extraordinary that surrounds us." He goes on to add "I like to think of it as making thoughtful interventions. Executing well."


Or maybe this is just a Ficus Elastica in front of a window in the morning sun. 


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