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Everything Overlaps.

Sons of Atom #1.jpg

Title: Sons of Atom #1 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2015 Media: Acrylic on Wood, 18"x24"

Life is overlap. We all overlap eachother. Our energies affect eachother more than we really acknowledge. The Grand Delusion is the idea that we are all separate and distinct in and of ourselves. The reality is that just like in this painting, we all overlap eachother, and the only reason that we know ourselves as we do, or anybody else for that matter is because we are all defined by everything that is "outside" ourselves. That's right, what you think you know of yourself is a reflection of every other person in your sphere of influence and relationship.

There are themes that I constantly explore in my art. Energy, color, abstraction, verticality, myth, dimension, and overlap. These are just a few of the themes that often repeat themselves in my work. Overlap creates a dimensional feel or at least a sense of depth. It hints at border, but borders are not revealed in and of themselves, but through the confines of other superimposed figures.

Ecology is the study of essentially, the way everything overlaps. I guess you could say that this painting has ecological ideology imbedded, among other things. Philosophy is always in my work. There is always a subtext. But don't expect me to spell it out for you, I've always believed that depth is there for those who dare to dive. Many like to skim the surface, and that's fine. But as an artist, I like to put something there for those that like to go deep, to the places where the sun rarely hits.

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