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Every Drop of Blood...

FOC print z.jpg

Title: The Flowering of Consciousness - Print Z Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2015 Media: LinoCut print & ink pen on sketchbook paper, digital tweaks. 3"x4"

This print is blood red, to acknowledge those who have been killed by one basic disease, human unconsciousness. It is one of the most dangerous known to humankind, and one of the most deadly. Almost everyone suffers from this, though there are certainly degrees of severity as we see with those who take it to the extreme and kill others whether in war or lashing out to reinforce some ideology that they have completely identified with.

This is the sad state of humanity. It has perpetuated war and violence as a way of handling conflict/difference in perspective/etc for millenia and the human race seems no closer to its disolution than it was thousands of years ago, before we had even developed basic writing systems.

The cause of human awakening however does not dwell on the apparent incapacity of human society to advance, for there is always possibility, with each moment. That is why, though drenched in blood, the lotus in the image above is still blooming, still flowering, there is hope for us as a species to advance, evolve & awaken, and steer our futures into a vastly different territory, a world that embraces consciousness and recognizes all as part, all as siblings in this great mysterious adventure to which most of us have not even taken a moment to consider.

We all react to our circumstances, distracted by the facets of our lives, the people, the places, the fear. Living in this realm is to live disconnected, asleep, and essentially in a tube of warm jelly, plugged into the great machine that is human disparity and a disintegrating trajectory.

This image will always be about human awakening. This image will always be about unity and brotherhood between all with no exceptions.

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