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The Flowering of Consciousness Continues...

FOC Cut.jpg

Linoleum block cut of the image The Flowering of Consciousness by Jesse Van Horne 2015

I just finished F.O.C. #39 for clients who purchased a brand new, custom rendition of my Vortex Series. I am continuously thinking of new ways to depict and represent this image of a Lotus in full bloom. The original image was a photograph I captured of an actual Lotus in full bloom at the Denver Botanic Gardens when I was serving as Preparator of Outdoor Sculpture in 2013.

The Lotus has long been a symbol of human awakening and human consciousness. This series is essentially an homage to that awakening that can occur for each of us if only we will seek it out. The awakening is not inevitable. It only "happens" to those who have a deep desire for their own spiritual blossoming.

To find it you must seek. You must look beyond the mind. You must learn to "watch the thinker" and so begin to unravel the dense fabric of your mind and its control over your life and your trajectory.

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