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Up, Out of the Earth...


Photograph by Jesse Van Horne May 2015

Behold the thriving life of my spring garden! These peas are quite happy with their conditions after all of the rain and cool weather, it shall soon be time to feast!

I've been gardening in CO over 25 years and these are some of the healthiest/happiest spring peas I've seen! Though all of us sun addicts have been complaining about the solar drought, there are some forms of life who have been enjoying ideal conditions. I planted around St. Patty's day, all cool/early season crops, and the entire plot has weathered a few below freezing nights with snow and rain without being covered.

Gardening is always an experiment for me. It's a chance for me to see first hand what can weather what. Gardening is a discipline more than anything. It has more in common with a martial art than anything else. It is a way to weave oneself into the great cycle, to partake in the ceremonious and circuituous births and deaths of the seasons and the living material of planet earth.

These plants are here for our benefit, 100's of varieties of human consumables, easily propagated, from earth to table in seconds after it is harvested. Is there any other way?

Plant your seeds my good people of planet earth and watch them grow!

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