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A Torrential Illusion...

Vortex Series #3.jpg

The Vortex Series #4

Acrylic on Canvas 2012 30"x48"

Artist: Jesse Van Horne

This is one of my favorite paintings from this series and there's a new Vortex Series coming soon! I have been working on another commission and it is a tryptych (3 panel series)...stay tuned for pics!

About the Vortex Series:

This series first emerged as an exploration of the abstraction of energy through the use and application and random dispersement of color. Vertical lines were chosen to maintian a certain level of coherency in the compositions. There are now over 10 explorations (paintings) in the Vortex Series and the number is growing as I continue to explore the possibilities of the technique.

The Vortex Series is not so much about form as it is about sense, perceptions, and creating energetic color fields. Palettes are not typical palettes, but work together to achieve a certain "hum". This is what I am looking for when I create these paintings...the moment that it all just hums.

You dig what I be sayin?

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