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A New Work is Born...


This image shows my new mural, executed over two nights on April 29th & 30th, 2015. The mural will live at The Molecule Effect on 12th & Santa Fe for the next 90 days! Stop by for a drink and see the the work in person through the end of July.

Super stoked about this new work. Stayed up for a couple nights to pull it off, it was a zen experience!

The mural lives at The Molecule Effect, a hip new coffee/beer/wine spot on 12th & Santa Fe in Denver's favorite art district!

On the first night of execution, around 3am my body was aching...spine tired from being erect, balancing on a ladder, up and down to pull lines, up to adjust, down to check. It required the focus and agility of a ninja. Super fun to paint, super cool to see all finished, and honored to be showing my work at this chill new spot!

Do what you love...even if it means you need to stay up all night to do it!

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