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To Coalesce from the Periphery...


Process remnants are piling up on the eve of April the 28th as I prepare to install one of my largest works to date at the Molecule Effect on 12th & Santa Fe in Denver, CO. Photograph by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios, 2015

I have found that all things worthwhile come with their own share of work, some of the best things unravel slowly, revealing themselves only after much dedicated tugging at the frayed threads. As artists it is almost as if we are equipped with special sensors...we notice frayed threads...the hints that lay scattered all around us...

I have learned to be patient in my art, I now see my work as a process which I am continuously unfolding. I have become more deliberate with my imagery as I have progressed as an artist. I can now see a vision far off in the distance and follow it until it completely unfolds. Sometimes it is like a dim light far up ahead, and I can just barely make it out on the horizon. But still I follow...

I have found that often the things most worth following are the most distant, the hardest to see at the outset. It's kinda like when you see a shooting star... it always seems to coalesce from out of your periphery...stay tuned my friends!

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