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The Manifestation of Skullflower Totem & a Sunday Morning Paint Session...


Skullflower Totem process elements and leftovers. 2015

Sunday Morning.jpg

A typical Sunday morning at Skullflower Design Studios

These things we find holy and so integrate them into our daily practice. To produce the pure, clean image, the iconic, the legendary. The composition of color plays a key role. So does the composition of each stroke. Each line of intent. How do you want this to look?

This can be the question of our lives. How do we want this to look? We are all engaged actively in painting our own masterpieces...let great care be given to the composition of each line, each field of color. The grey, the white, the black, the negative spaces...

Fill your world with color. The kind that you'd like to produce. This is one of our many inspirational mottos here at Skullflower Design! Be abundant and create my good people!

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