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Fractured Flight #5 and the Uncivilized State of Humanity


Title: Fractured Flight #5 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Ink & Colored Pencil on Vellum 11"x17"

This series is many things. It is an homage to some of the most beautiful aircraft ever designed and built. It is an homage to the men and women who flew them. It is an homage to human ingenuity in some of its most mystical forms. It is an homage to the relationship between paper and pigment. But do not let the examination stop there. There is always another layer. Fractured Flight is nothing if it is not social critique on war machines & weapons of mass destruction and the apparent (and demonstrated) lunatic potential of human society. I give them "circused out" paint jobs to amplify the absurdity of war and the idea of "sides" when we are all truly on one "side".

Fractured Flight shines light on the fact that we humans haven't yet evolved past the animalistic and senseless urge to make war, draw blood, and punish/eradicate our "enemys".

Fractured Flight is calling humanity out. Wake up to a world without war.

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