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From Another Angle...


This photograph depicts One Heart Many Parts, a sculptural installation at Metro State University in Denver, CO by artist Jesse Van Horne.

Photograph of One Heart Many Parts by Jesse Van Horne 2015

Sometimes it's helpful in life to see things from another angle. When we always view our lives from the same perspective, that perspective can get stale. It's good to "move around the cabin" and see things from other angles.

This pic shows one particular angle of my sculpture One Heart Many Parts that has a permanent home inside the Student Success building at Metro State University in Denver, CO. This view is from the "backside" of the piece, and does not feature the Heart which comes into view from only one specific angle.

Is it less "valid" becuase it does not showcase the "point" of the piece? Not at all. It is simply another viewpoint, another angle, another perspective of something perceived as "One Whole". Learn to value the other angles. Learn to make room for and allow the other perspectives in your life, especially on things that you stand so firm on. Resistance causes suffering. Accept that there are many different perspectives for any given perception and watch your mind expand.

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