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Of Things to Come...

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2014

Sometimes in life we see things, we come across things, we encounter things before we understand what they mean. Sometimes in life there are symbols, signs, signifiers, but we are so caught up in the day to day that they slip right under our noses.

I believe that often times these divine encounters or signs can take the form of insects, plants, or even visible patterns in the cycles of the planet and all of its systems.

What is the lesson here? Always be vigilant. Always be watchful. Always be expectant. Always be open. Something you thought you knew may become remade before your very eyes and become something completely different than you originally understood it to be.

This past summer I encountered this cicada, right at the moment that it was emerging from its imago form in the early morning sunshine. Talk about the rich potential & inherent fertility of metaphor. This thing was practically dripping with ripe lessons to pass on the the observant and attentive human (who are unfortunately few and far between).

When your symbol comes...will you be ready to receive it? Many of us miss them continuously...take heed my good people!

Open your eyes...

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