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Jalopy Love

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2015

Walking around Capitol Hill with my brother one day, on our way to the record shop, we stumbled across this beauty...what a gem!

The way it all works together, the color of that turquoise paint, the rust splotches, the shiny chrome detailing, how can you not have admiration for such a time-honed work of art! Plus, that is Skullflower Blue!

Mechanical relics like these are irresistable photo opps. They are relatable for human beings somewhere in our subconscious. Upon seeing something like this, I think we all understand (albeit subconsciously) that we have way more in common with specimens such as this than we do with the brand new models rolling off the lot (though some of us attempt to project ourselves like new cars)...there is poetry here, a life lived fully, some bumps and bruises, and maybe even some blunt-force trauma, but I can respect & relate to an old vehicle in this condition way more than one that looks like it's never been driven.

And just look at that shade of blue...it takes decades of weathering to achieve something that gorgeous...true <3

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