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The logo that started it all...

Skullflower Logo.jpg
The original Skullflower Design Studios logo, created by Jesse Van Horne in 2008.

This logo represents the very core of our philosophy as a design firm and as designers in general. It is a visual allusion, a nod to the concept or realization of non-duality. Essentially, it means that there are no opposites, but that all things are intimately connected. We do not perceive the world around us as made up of separate parts, but instead we see the world around us made up of different parts or better yet different aspects of the same wavelength.

The human skull, the ultimate image of death, a sunflower in full bloom, the ultimate image of life in its most livid state, fused together to illustrate the unity of the cycle. There is no life without death, there is no light without dark, they go with eachother.

As this is our underlying philosophy and at the root of our core beliefs, you may ask, "How does this relate to Skullflower Design Studios or design in general"?

The answer to that question is this. We approach our design from that platform of understanding. From the place of acknowledgment of the unity of all things. When we consider our design work for our clients, we relate it to who they are, and to the essence of their business or their idea. All these things are connected. We approach design from that place of connectivity and relation to all things. You could call our design approach an ecological approach, which not only considers the thing, but the relationship of all things to the thing, and then responds accordingly from that place of integration.

We are serious about our design work. We are serious about our philosophy. And we are serious about helping our clients exude their vision with the designs we create for them.

Now you know. Cheers!

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