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When the Cracks Begin to Show...

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2015 @ Sloan's Lake in Denver, Colorado

Cracks. There will be cracks. Everything falls apart. Corrosion is a natural part of the cycle. Don't freak out when the cracks begin to show. Embrace them. Figure out how to live with them, and even love them. Then you will see & know the beauty in the cracks. They are not a sign of brokeness. They are simply a part of the cycle, a part of the ceaseless flow of all things.

Crazy how the cracks in the pic, on a super-micro level, resemble water drainage patterns on the landscape when viewed from space or from high above the Earth's surface. Everything is connected. It is always a matter of scale, but the reality we know repeats itself over and over again. Today I am blown away by the mystery of it all. Today I am in love <3 with the cracks.

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