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The Flowers of Consciousness & the Mad Lunacy of Society

Flowering of Consciousness Finished.jpg
This shot shows a mixture of tiles from batch 2 & 3 of The Flowering of Consciousness: Small Art Series 2014/2015 by Jesse Van Horne. There are 38 tiles in the series, each with its own unique coloring. Media: Acrylic on Plywood, approximately 4"x4"x3/4" (each piece varies slightly in dimension).

This series could be summed up by the statement "We are all in full bloom".

This acknowledgement is a sign of awareness. Awareness brings understanding & compassion. Consciousness and compassion will be the only things that see guns become strange antique relics of a bygone era. Collectibles. The outdated, irrelevant technology of an ever unraveling human mythology.

Surely we live more like mythological figures than like physical beings, raging to such mad highs as murder and war. Fits such as these, or the thoughtless destruction of pristine ecosystems on this planet have got to be some of the most glaring signs of madness & unconsciousness not only for our modern times, but for all of human history. Years from now we will look back and wonder how we were all so fleeced. That at least, is the hope.

These F.O.C. tiles (mini-paintings really) serve as a statement, and a simple nod in that direction, a signifier, perhaps to serve as a beacon along the way, a reminder of where we're headed.

If you have received one of this first series, I want to say thank you. Thanks for engaging with the world around you, thanks for your interest in my art, and may the painting bless you abundantly in many astounding and surprising ways!

Cheers to another amazing year on this strange, beautiful planet careening around the sun in mechanical splendor!

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