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Sittin' in the Mornin' Sun...

In the Morning Sun.jpg
These pigeons in NYC seem to have the right idea. "Sitting in the Morning Sun" photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2014

Do you ever take the time to stop and ask yourself..."What the hell am I doing with my life?...Where is this all headed?"

If you do I would consider that a good sign, a sign of at least some low level awareness...but take a moment to consider the question..."Are you living your truth? Are you being the one that only you can be?"

Many of us must truthfully answer this question with a "no". If we would answer "no" here, then it means that there are other things that we place in front of the things that we would rather be doing. We are living our lives either from a place of fear, or from a place of an overwhelming desire for comfort. For many of us the 9-5 gig offers a sort of "warm blanket" of dependable "security", and we become addicted to that level of comfort to the extent that we are willing to forgo certain true aspects of our nature, and ambitions for our otherwise short time here on Earth just in order to have our comforts.

Time with Family

One of the obvious, but certain "sacrificial lambs" of a stringent 9-5/40 hour work week + add on some commuting time both ways & picking up the kids is no doubt our

quality time with family. Does it seem strange to anyone else that we bother to bring children into this world only to have them raised by underpaid daycare workers and nannies?

Since I got off the 9-5 track about 2.5 years ago I have had alot more time with my sons than I would have had I been working 9-5 for all that time. When I worked 9-5, I forked over hundreds every month just to pay the school to watch them (afterschool) and provide a minimal level of interaction or care (aftercare), until I finally reached the obligatory 8 hour mark and could come rescue them. Then dinner was usually by that point some kind of Crash & Burn... Sometimes we wouldn't even set foot in our home until well after 6:30pm.

Do you ever wonder what it's all for and why you're doing everything you're doing? Life is strange, answers to questions of purpose and meaning are some of the most elusive, and the more we try to understand, the further off we become it can seem.

I am focusing on what I do know right now. I do know that my kids will only be this age once. And I can never get any of this time back. I am pursuing my dreams and I have had more time to be with my sons as a result. I wouldn't call what I've managed to drum up a "warm blanket" necessarily, but how can I put a pricetag on things like spending time with my kids and my own happiness?

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