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Earth Channel, Sky Channel

Cubed at Commons Park in Denver, Fall 2014

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2014

If something anchors us to the ground but simultaneously opens us to the sky, then that thing can be said to be a channel between realms, even if only a visual allusion to the qualities of a channel in the physical realm.

Part of my intent with art and specifically with Cubed is to create or enhance a sense of ceremony as the series of reverential events that lead to the construction of a piece of art. Each layer of Cubed was hand cut on a table saw, then precision hand drilled over 500 times! Simply to design and execute Cubed was a ceremony in itself.

Translucent, crimson acrlic panels are inlaid into each piece to allow light penetration. To instill a sense of measure and deliberation. A series of pre-arranged frequencies all with specific function. It is astounding, the mystery of it all! Cubed is a tracing of the outline of a part of that mystery.

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