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One Bloom at a Time

FOC series.jpg
@ Skullflower Design Studios during the creation of The Flowering of Consciousness, One Bloom at a Time, Small Art Series by Jesse Van Horne 2014. This photo shows the first batch (1-14) of the new Skullflower Design Small Art Series.

"There is alot of unconsciousness in our world and there always has been. It is the legacy of humanity. But it feels especially severe right now, like we are experiencing a rather serious "flare-up" with all that is happening at home and abroad. Now more than ever is a time to be conscious, and to allow ourselves to operate from the wavelength of consciousness. The drama of these times seems to prod us toward a fearful position, but we must remember that fear is not a product of consciousness but of the ego.

This Small Art Series is a way for each of us to show we stand in solidarity, for the cause of human awakening and human consciousness.

I wanted to make a series that could be distributed on a large scale but would be deeply personal and begin to knit people together. I wanted to create something that could be representative of the awakening of human consciousness. Each 4"x4" tile is handpainted with the iconic Flowering of Consciousness Lotus in full bloom. These are small tokens of support & reminders of the awakening of human consciousness. Each of us can seek awakening for ourselves only, but by endeavoring to change ourselves can powerfully affect the world around us. At best, these tiles will serve as a reminder to each owner to awaken continuously each day, and add one more conscious energy stream to the great fabric of humanity.

Making the decision to own one of these tiles is to make a statement. To be a willfull "space-holder of consciousness & conscious energy" for our brothers and sisters of the human race, who are still asleep, who have not quite come around and still purvey violence and ill-treatment of others. To own one of these tiles is to say that you support the cause of human awakening and stand for an end to all of the products of human unconsciousness in our cities, countries, and the world at large."

- Jesse Van Horne

The Flowering of Consciousness depicts a Lotus in full bloom, a visual representation of the process/practice of awakening consciousness in a human being.

Contact artist Jesse Van Horne to see how you can obtain one of the series.

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