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Visitor Print.jpg
Title: The Visitor Print #1 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Photograph, digital tweaks 5"x5"

I am an image archivist. I capture my own imagery. Then I continuously envision and re-envision the possiblities for manfestation. Different ways of looking at the same subject lead to a deeper understanding of that subject matter, and usually a more careful and attentive execution resulting in a higher quality work.

There are parts of the image's philosophy which only become revealed after a dedicated effort at knowing the image. Knowing an image comes by working that image. Considering its many contextual possibilities. How is it best depicted? How is it best represented? What colors work? What do not?

Some artists poo-poo certain mediums, or certain processes or tools used to create different manifestations of the image. I use everything at my disposal. I do not discriminate against art making tools and supplies in any way, shape, or form. Art is the one realm that defies any attempt to confine it or lay out a set of rules to govern it by.

As an artist, I endeavor to be free from any restraint, whether imposed by self or society, force or ideology. My dedication is to my art, and to depicting and creating those images that I would like to manifest, those techniques which I would like to feature, and those inherent, imbedded, budding mythologies that my images represent.

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