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By A Thread It's All Suspended

Lens 1.jpg
Title: By A Thread Its All Suspended Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Pencil & Ink on Sketchbook Paper, Digital Tweaks 8.5"x11" series 1 of 3

I developed a love for linework during my graffiti days. There was something about that black outline against the sketchbook paper, pencil construction lines still visible here and there underneath. This media/medium stirs something in the designer's heart.

It's conceptual. It's real. It's substantial, yet imaginative. This is where new ideas are born, new perspectives, new ways of thinking and of seeing the world. Am I over-romanticizing this whole thing just a bit? Of course, after all...I am an artist, and that's part of what we do.

We take a moment to observe the mystical, the unknown, the energetic. Most are too busy, so we take that on for society. We give the populace a portal. We remind them that its important every now and then to stop the busyness and take a look, to look and see and remember.


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