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Up In The Studio, Studio, Studio

Up In the Studio.jpg
Jesse Van Horne putting the finishing touches on Aztlan Shall Rise at his studio space @ Hangar 41 in Denver, Colorado. Fall Equinox 2014.

Art is a process. Art takes time. It is a devotion, a discipline, and a craft. The artist must have patience, diligence, persistence, and the ability to set aside and divide well his hours. The only difference between creativity of the mind and creativity manifested is the dark chasm of hours that lay between the two poles.

I've been spending alot of time on this painting Aztlan Shall Rise, these larger works always take awhile. I would estimate between 60 & 80 hours to execute. Each one is a process of further discovery. A new technique emerges, a threshold is crossed, magic that is only unleashed through repetition and devotion. It is a believing that the channel is open, a confidence in the creative content that will come out. A predisposition for pure communication.


"Life is a grand chest full of riches for any with a simple willingness to see it that way."


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