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Aztlan Shall Rise

Aztlan Shall Rise.jpg
Title: Aztlan Shall Rise Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Acrylic on Wood 30"x48"

This is not quite finished but I couldn't wait to post. Aztlan Shall Rise. If you're from Denver you know what I'm talking about. It is heartbreaking for any sort of lover of the arts to see one of their city's beautiful classic theater venues sitting in a dilapidated state.

This painting is a sort of visual prophecy that one day soon the Aztlan Theater shall be restored. It shall receive the attention it deserves. People's faces will once again journey there for sheer delight! It is time our city once again polishes one of her most neglected crown jewels. Imagine possessing a diamond of great worth, yet leaving it on the side of the road like an old piece of luggage. That just doesn't seem right. I think the people of Denver deserve to have the Aztlan restored.

Santa Fe Arts District is beloved by not only myself, but all Denverites that love and support art and believe it deserves a sacred space. Santa Fe is one of those places in Denver. Let's start treating it that way.


About the Painting: Quetzalcoatl lies just beneath the surface emanating his energy up and through the old theater thereby revitalizing it with a sort of energetic bath of creative, productive immersive qualities. Quetzal, among other things is God of Arts & Crafts, Learning & Knowledge, which is essentially vibrant, rich cultural outpouring.

The spirit of the Aztlan (Santa Fe) Theater has never left, it has just become dormant over time and subject to natural economic wave patterns of human societies. However, its time once again to turn to the decaying splendor of past ages and restore and preserve, there are not many icons like this left, and the city has been foolish to neglect it for so long. Wake up Denver. Time to give yourself some love.


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