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What Blooms Will Fade

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What Blooms Will Fade

by: Jesse Van Horne

As soon began the bloomin'

then too began the fadin'

o' the marching toward the chasm of

the failing in sustaining

Yet as the flowers show us

there's a dimming of the chorus,

a breaking to our pieces in

the cycles and the rust

So before you get to wailing

be it known that round its coming,

as the thunder and the lightning

feed the seeds that bloom again

There's a constant season shifting

more a folding than a breaking

like the pouring and a placing in-

between the cracks of time

And though tempting be an answer

I remind you soul to wonder

at the sky and all that's under,

at the blazing of the Sun

Whether crying, whether dancing,

with your wings and to be spinning

dipping down and flipping, grinning

breaking free on open sky

No sooner than you feel it,

does the mystery conceal it,

and the vastness opens, swallows,

gulps you back inside the dream

May your consciousness be prevailing

in this roaring storm a churning,

there's two things weren't made for folding

spread your wings, open your eyes

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