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The Awakening

The Awakening #2.jpg
Title: The Awakening Artist: Jesse Van Horne Media: Ink & Colored Pencil on Vellum, Digital Tweaks 18"x24"

Life is beautiful. Life is mysterious. Striving to understand everything can lead to suffering. Striving to accept all things will lead to peace. Find your wavelength and ride it! That is what this world needs, people living their truth and thus channeling good energy into others and the world around them.

Do what you love and devote your time to it. Engage in the magic that is all around you and always has been. Don't allow a capitalist perspective to taint your understanding of life. Don't always dwell fixated on accumulating and acquiring other things. Be content with what you've got now. If you work every day take some time off to do nothing. Reconnect with who you are. Make it a point to give that to the world. That is the best that anyone can do, for themselves and for society.

Cheers my amazing people of planet earth!

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