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Skullflower Design Studios & The Year So Far

Skullflower Print Works at Skullflower Design Studios in Denver, Colorado 2014 Photograph: Jesse Van Horne

The Designs are pouring out here at Skullflower and we've been busy this summer doing projects for Gravity Dance Collective, Elevate Nutrition, GAIA PBM & Jones Custom Builders to name a few. Jesse's been showing his art at Rebel in RINO, on East Colfax at Hooked, at Hangar 41 on Santa Fe. He's also beginning a 3 month "residency" at Hangar 41 where he'll occupy a floor space and begin work on a new series of paintings inspired by the sights and sounds of the infamous Drive.

There's lots going on and we are happy to be part of this burgeoning art scene in the Queen City of the Plains at the base of the majestic Rockies.

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