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Geometric Light Nubules

Title: Light Nubules #1 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Ink and colored pencil on Sketchbook paper, Digital Print 8.5"x11"

I found the dragonfly, concealed high upon a juniper branch, or was it Tree of Heaven, she told me to always look beyond external form.

I communed with the great stick bug shaman high atop lookout late into the falling season. He told me to watch closely, remain devoted to my task.

I once met a spider and told him that I admired his geometry and his agility.

He thanked me by exploring every inch of a sculpture model I built.

He followed me to a meeting a week later and told me to keep going.

Soon after I met a cicada, just emerging from her late spring slumber,

she let me watch her unfurl her wings,

they were dark matter knit together with sky ropes,

little starlit crystal tubes and passageways & smoky veils.

She showed me that my seeds are sprouting.

She showed me starfire and moonbeam.

I have heard Metatron calling.

I have seen the power shining.

I have heard the world spinning.

I have beheld the fury of it all.

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