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Design What You Love.

I started creating this poster out of a desire to make a graphically rich and colorful poster. I wanted to create something that visually exuded all that Skullflower Design loves and believes, all that we hold dear. This one says so much.

A totem assemblage, in the symbols of death and life are locked away the secrets to understanding, to happiness, to acknowledgement of the great cycle. It all flows together, all part of one continuous orchestral movement through time. The rich beam of awakening, of consciousness stirred has a unifying quality as it pulses through each figure and alters it to some degree.

My artwork bleeds mythology. My artwork bleeds symbolism. I channel the modern day spirit of shamanism through my work. Shamanism is essentially a nod to the magical, a willingness to embrace the energetic possibilities of a mad world.

My artwork connects to my soul and to the earth. It is covered in roots, a network of dendrites connecting sky, earth, stars, soul, water, cosmos. My work is the pulsing, heaving work of my life. The symphony written to accompany my story line, the tear-jerking strings at climax. My life is richly interwoven into my work.

If you know me, you know I am in all my work. I wave sticks and chant magic spells, swigging liquor, tossing colored dust in the air. Amulets, medalions, beads, trinkets, talismans, crystals, candles, dried tobacco leaves. Speaking to wind, animals, insects, trees, wandering with an old ragged wizard staff, crooning the dew of morning, silent like a giver of life. I belong to this air, this sun, this water, this earth. To these rocks, to iceburgs & glaciers and to the lightning! I commune with maple, oak, the regal cottonwood! I walk amongst my brothers!

This is the work that I do. This is the best I have to offer the world. This is my gift.

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