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The Cult of Art Makers...

Title: Vortex Zoom Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Acrylic on Wood 30"x48"

Is it a process? Is it something we are trying to conquer? Is it a metaphor for other perceived obstacles? Why do we make art? What drives that impulse to spend hours creating some scene? Colors, swipes of the brush all add up to what?

A wall decoration? A conversation piece? What are we really trying to capture with art? What are we really trying to communicate? Anything? Before the camera, before the computer, art had utility. Portraiture could depict and capture peoples likenesses. But the camera came and now that utility is gone.

But we still labor long hours, correcting each slip of the brush, layering, building up our canvas. It seems like some strange cult. The cult of the color worshipers, the cult of the 2d. And then we put up all our pictures and have people come see them. React to them. Respond. Recoil. Recover. If only our creations could have such dramatic effect!

Me? I make art that I want to look at. I bring into existence the pictures and colors and arrangements that I want to see. That is my criteria. That is all I am doing.

There are deeper messages, philosophies entertwined with each stroke, statements, grievances, rebellions, responses. They are everpresent for those who know where to look. They are there for those who know how to see art.

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