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Along Came a Spider...

May 31, 2014

Do you believe that the universe tries to communicate with us?


I do. I had the coolest little visitor that appeared on one of my paintings that I've been working on for the past few weeks. This little guy, a jumping spider of some sort, showed up one day and after I got past my impulse to shew him off my painting and smash him, I realized that maybe he was sent my way to deliver a message.


Spider's have long been associated with creative capacities in ancient mythologies of many cultures all over the world. So I thought it was cool to have this little visitor appear on one of my works of creation!


I let him hang out on my painting for the afternoon, then gently scooped him up and set him in the garden out back. The crazy thing is, I had previously been asking for some sort of sign or encouragement to persevere in my endeavors. And then this guy.


Coincidence? I think not. Your world and everything in it is what you believe it to be. 

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