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Of the Great Progression...

Title: The Great Progression Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2014 Media: Acrylic on Wood 30"x48"

We are all on the lookout for a point of "arrival". It is a natural human tendency, and has a great degree of attachment to the ego and the ego's perspective. We must learn to be aware of the hoax that there is any point of arrival, and tune into the reality of the present moment.

Without acknowledgement of the present, there is no awareness of it. Money and the thought and worry of it will suck you dry and shut down your dreams in an instant. Lack. Fear. How are these blockades overcome? When you realize they are not blockades at all, but simply mind constructs based on the ego's incessant worrying over every little detail.

Once you see them for what they are, they become small, like a speck of sand in your path. Now how will you overcome? No need. Just keep walking.

#thegreatprogression #byjessevanhorne #2012 #mediaacryliconwood #30x48

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