Jesse P. Van Horne - Professional Designer

(But That's Not All)

A Bit About Me & What I Can Do For You:

A designer's work is their pride and joy. It is the path they have traced over the span of a life. I take a lot of pride and joy in all of the following projects, and it is with great honor that I invite you to view the many aspects of my multi-faceted design portfolio spanning the last 8 years.

Design of all kinds has been my world for the last 8 years. After spending time working as an LA for the Federal Government (4 years with the NPS) and running my own climatologically focused design build company (3.5 years), I am looking to change pace and find a creative, environmentally driven firm to work with on changing the world through Landscape Architecture, one project at a time.

Yes I know this sounds silly and idealistic, but it's true!

I don't just want to find a place to work, I want to connect with other designer's who are interested in top quality projects and at the same time making some kind of a positive difference, and most of all keeping a level head, a good spirit, and a sense of humor. This kind of dynamic, professional aim and environment really gets me excited, and that is exactly what I am looking for. 

My skills can be utilized in a variety of ways based on my rich background: I can manage projects, assemble CD packages, execute schematic graphics or deliver on hand sketches. I am great with people, communicating (both public speaking and written), and I thoroughly understand the importance of relationship when developing projects with clients. 

I am consistent, punctual, devoted and creative, and I am looking to share projects with individuals who share the same ethics. I am a family man too, so I do have out of work familial obligations. I believe in work/life balance.   


Please enjoy my portfolio, and if you see a good fit here I would love to sit down in person to discuss how I might be of service. 

Please contact me directly @ 720.939.4215

Thanks for your consideration.



Cheers and Sincerely!

                    Jesse Van Horne-Designer/Facilitator/Educator/


                    2004 Bachelor of English Writing (Poetry focus)

                    2009 Master of Landscape Architecture

                    20?? Master of Theological Studies (In-Progress)



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